Januar, Januar, har har har

Well, I haven't much felt like posting lately, or talking to anyone, or hanging out even, I've been in a debbie downer kind of mood and I can only attribute it to this wretched month of January, and the abundance of gray days lately. Eff January though, seriously. It gets me every year.


Love of my Life

Arthur Dentsy being a silly goose :}


This field

Knows me well.


And so and so and so

Today I went to a yoga class that my friend Nikki teaches. Usually I'm not into being brave and exercising in public, but I'm actually really glad that I went, it was amazing. I'm pretty terrible at yoga, but that wasn't the point so much; I just felt concentrated for once, instead of my mind being on ten things at the same time. Only thinking about the breath inside of you, and the balance of your body is surprisingly all consuming in a marvelous kind of way. I looked over across the class once, towards the end, and it was so neat seeing probably twenty or so people with their bodies all the exact same way. I felt unified with everyone there, despite us all being strangers. This sounds pretty stupid and ridiculously new-agey, but I really enjoyed it is what I'm saying, I suppose, haha. After that I went downtown to the farmer's market with my friend Emily and got some grapes and amazing red peppers that I can't wait to cook with. She got honey tangelos and tomatoes. It was brisk out so we didn't meander, which I usually like to do there because the colors of the fruits and vegetables are so pretty, and the people are always strange and interesting to talk to.




A twin sized bed and your uncomfortable arms encircling me? I am not sure how these things happen.


Starting the year off with a bang

Good thing I'm only moderately narcissistic, right? Right.