Little Yeti, Kitten Niece

Fabulous little tidbit of a kit, sie hilft seine tante mit hausefgaben



Heading out of town last night towards I-10 and Gainesville, the sun was setting as I drove over the river on 95. All of the lilacs and dusty roses and searing oranges flamed up to match the city's vibrancy, her electric anticipation of the coming night.

And, number five from The Gleam by the Avett Brothers on repeat made the drive even more lovely.


One Hundred and Eighty Days, Thirteen Hours, Forty Two Minutes

Free the Hikers, check it out, and write some letters and sign the petition while you're there. Three American hikers accused of espionage, being held for almost six months now with no trial in Iran, solitary confinement and no contact with their lawyers or families. I wonder if they even got to see the waterfall they were looking for, dang.

Rearrange Everything

(Christy Anne, here are some photos I took that I told you about, I shall post the one of my beloved, newly arrived scarf soon)

This is a photo I took when I was 15, of my family in Ohio (or Idaho? Montana?). The sign they are standing next to a sign that says "Beware of Snakes", or something of that ilk. How witty and hilarious I thought I was, snarky thing. It is, however, still one of my favorite photos of my family.
Our friends in the kitchen that hang out. Cow makes a mean whisky ginger! (Jokes)

Christina Danaee makes cute stuff, like aprons that stand up to the messes I perpetually make :}
The happy birthday banner is pretty much tradition at this point.. it goes up for a birthday, and then just stays up, for ever. BUT, somebody is always having a birthday somewhere, yes??

This blue is lovely. And the moon! Oh, the moon. Alright alright, okay?


What Sarah Said

In Aramaic, the word used in the Bible that has been read as 'perfect' really translates to


(There is no glossy, untouchable, pedestalled version of anyone or anything, I know this. We have the here that we create, now.

It's not that my standards are high for friends or lovers or life or humanity at large, because I truly believe that they are not. The potential for happiness, honesty and integrity rests in all of us. It's a matter of effort, and choice. I'm aware that it probably doesn't sound like I am a generally optimistic person from what I type here, but I feel that, through conscious effort, I am.

Either way, I subscribe to the belief that while you can never really control what may befall you in life, you are directly in charge of how you react to the situations and feelings that arise. Just because I am discouraged at large right now, I am not lowering the bar. Bump that. Make an effort. Be sincere. Live how you think you ought to, even if it's ridiculously hard. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Keep your complacency, I'll create some kind of meaning for myself here while I can, before I decompose like a little leaf in the ground.)


Sweet Little Thing

("Talks the whole night, never says what she means")

... Roo (Rogue, Roobear, Rupee, Ruby, etc) loves listening to Lucero, I kid you not. Just as she snuggles on Christines laptop whenever she hears them, purring, flirty tail, jumping and jiving, she's trying to jump on mine now. Animals are not deaf and dumb or unintelligent or incapable of feeling, or anything else people say about them to validate their killing and consumption. They listen and feel and are able to connect past and present and likes, dislikes. And it's awesome, hilarious that this roly poly little babycat rocks out to Lucero so hard.


I Can't Imagine the Chaos

My heart goes out to Haiti.


Sweet Mary Lou

Taco Lu's avocado tacos for din must have put me in a cooking and baking frenzy... Coconut, Curry and Lentil Soup (ohmylanta, SO GOOD), and some white cupcakes, which are still cooling, so no judgement on those yet. Take that, cold weather.

I'm digging on my Medieval Women Authors class. And my schedule. And Omaha? And Ricky Nelson. And someone somewhere surprisingly liking my somethings? Oh, goodness, haha


For Cereal?

"Supporters of Proposition 8 will argue California does not discriminate against gays, as the current law allows them to get married - as long as they wed a partner of the opposite sex."
(from an article on BBC's website today)



Jeden Zeit

Januar ist schwer, jahr hinter jahr. So es geht.


Frozen Birdbaths

Hot yoga to counter the cold, twice this week, please and thank you.

I love the light in winter, it's either golden and bright or gray and soft. We have an apartment-sized matriarchal society here on Sugar Creek.

My dream last night made me wake up crying, I'm wondering why. My breath just hangs around these days.


Last Thought on the Subject

I'm a sucker for the what-ifs.


Christine Francis

I love you so, because you bring me coconut coffee and toast in the morning when it is gray and chilly and aren't judgemental when I do things I ought'nt. You're a blonde, smiling version of my conscience.



A new year? A new year! What does that even mean!?
"Alexander, our older brother, set out for a great adventure"
"If you want something, don't ask for nothing"
"If you want nothing, don't ask for something"
Man-made concepts to define the void. Regardlllllessss..
Lauren says, "this year you should be selfish";
Mama thinks,"this year, you should be less empathetic, more apathetic";
Christine laughs, "your heart is so big, darling, care more for yourself";
but I'm not sure if I can navigate between caring too much and not caring enough?
But I suppose I may as well give it a try? Two thousand and ten, a year for middle ground?

HEY, at least I didn't break any teeth this New Year's, that is a good start (!) BOOYEAH