Good Night News

Nordic Princess called me on the cellular mobile device last night and shared with me the most exciting, fabulous news - that her MRI came back clear (after two years, finally!) and her chemotherapy dosage will start to be lowered (!!). And then she had to get off of the telephone because she was getting pulled over by the police, hah, what a goose. BUT, this is such an amazing thing, it's been a scary, long two years with my blondie between all the ER trips and tests and hospital stays and needles. She is one of the bravest people I know, as well as the kindest (secretly though, she just comes off as a tough cookie, it's her M.O.) and smartest (.. of course she would beat me at cards when I am visiting her a few hours after her noggin surgery, jeez).

Be thankful for your good health, every second of every day that you are well. You never realize how much it defines the normalcy of day to day existence until it's gone.



I climbed under a waterfall at Swallow Falls, a park tucked away past serpentine lanes. The tiniest baby ferns were curled up on a rock shelf all fleshy and emerald and I drank sweet cold water by the handful.

{We've gone from the suburbs of DC to the western mountains and now it's raining and gray on the eastern shore (Ocean City gleamed green last night from the wooden windy deck of this West Egg here in the pines)}



Lake water is not that cold --
I am terrible at pool (got beat by an eleven year old) (ouch) --



I'm going to Maryland tomorrow with my family? This is rather spontaneous! Hello Ocean City, Deep Creek Lake, and our Nation's Capital :}



I'ma Gonna Show the Way

Note: the Kings of Leon make fabulous driving music to keep you upbeat and awake when, say, you are almost half way home on a two and a half hour drive and you realize your lover's keys are nestled snugly in your purse! Boom shacka lacka boom boom

Tongues and Sounds

Mason, R.'s five year old nephew, pronounces my name as such: Wahr-wah. He grins as he says it, dimples from here to Nebraska, and then asks to play trains.

I drove by the apartment on the way to Memorial Park yesterday, and then on the way to Sarah's, too. Is that creepy? I hope not. I just wanted to check and make sure it was real, a visual pinch if you will. Sometimes I feel like life is too good to me and I am waiting to wake up from this dream that I must be having.

Society garlic left a spicy juice on my fingers all of last night. Its' purple is such a nice color, especially at dusk.


Neat Stuff From My Grandparent's Basement

My grandparents, the beloved Jean & Harry, are moving into an assisted living facility. These are some things my parents brought back when helping them pack. Photo one are boy scout medals of my Pop-Pop's. Photo two is a voice recording Pop-Pop made when he was in Germany in WW2 and sent to his parents in Jamaica, New York. Photo three is a postcard sent when Pop-Pop was traveling, from the Indy 500. Photo four are a few of the many pennants that were lining the walls of his office in the basement. Photo five is this really fabulous lantern. Six, more medals. Photo seven is a book of 'Skins matches. Photo eight is a projection screen (it came with the projector and loads of slides!). Photo nine is the bottom of a scouting kerchief. Photo ten, paper straws, which actually work just as well as plastic ones (we tried them out, not with milk though, hah!). Photo eleven and twelve are an assortment of rocks and the last photo, number thirteen, is a safe boating slide - my grandparents had a houseboat on the Potomac and were members of a yacht club (La tee da!).



R. and I found an apartment, it's a charming one bedroom for a ridiculously affordable price on a nice main street in Riverside :} It has more square footage than all of the others we saw, too, what luck! We walked in, it being our last walk through, actually having decided to put applications in on the one we saw right before, and we just knew -- he caught my eye, nodding and all smiles, mirroring what I was feeling inside. It has the most darling kitchen, and a nice soft glow from all the windows. Bliss. I feel so relieved and happy to know come August 16th I'll be able to wake up every morning to my favorite person in the world again.


You won't stop raining, goodness gracious sakes alive!


"Today, The Day That Steinbrenner Died," Screams the Television

The photo seven down, look - the color of the house, of the leaves!
(These are from the morning of the 4th, at the Greene's)
I'm in a bed awake, typing, while the person that I am in love with sleeps next to me/(This is one of my favorite feelings )


Hot July

I've developed a post-birthday cold it seems. Twenty three, pfft, you better drop the sass, I won't have any of it. My sorry self was laid up on the couch last night with a box of tissues, and I may or may not have watched four hours of Law and Order Criminal Intent. That much television right before sleep had my head all bonkers with visions of gore and set-ups and detectives in heavy coats (regardless of the season).

As of tomorrow, I'm a step closer to doing something that I've been thinking of for a while, something that's far bigger than my single self, something that will (hopefully, ideally) be sincerely helpful for the city that I love, my Bold New City of the South. No more on that though, I don't want to jinx it or say too much, but fingers and toes crossed, please and thank you!

R. and I are looking at apartments. Once everything is decided upon, we are going to move the furniture I'm inheriting down from Maryland.. yikes, slightly stressed about that, but Great Grandmother Mills' huge, round, hundred year old table and my Nana and Pop-Pop's mid century couch will be amazing to live with, to feel my family history surrounding us. Maybe I'm a romantic or that's too material object-oriented, but I like the notion regardless - it makes the people I never knew concrete, relocates places no longer tangible directly to me.




Prodigal Celebrations, Day of Birth

Corn-hole is a game similar to .. Skeet Ball? Shuffle Board? It sounds awfully dirty used as a verb ('corn holing', hah), but it's really just bags of corn being tossed at a board with a hole in it. Aunt Beth let us borrow it for birthday festivities tonight and tomorrow. I'm actually quite terrible at it! But, familial corn holing aside, we had pizza, Christy and Jason stopped by, and a jovial time opening presents and eating cake and ice cream. And then swimming later on! With fireworks. Oh yes, summer time, oh yes :}


Stumbled Upon

Read this. Read the comments, too. Type-casting is interesting - petulant rich children or terrorists or students working for change? People's opinions are interesting. Someone used the term 'armchair activist' and it's stuck in my mind.


Mouvance/ {Changeability}

I'm typing this on my laptop and after being apart from it for almost two months, it's awfully strange! I left it in Nordic Princess' car the day of graduation, jeez laweez. I brought it back today (sad to only return with a computer and not fur-child, Arthur Dent, who, it has been decided is going to remain living with Ruby and Nordic Princess and Kath-a-leen in Winter Park until R. and I get our apartment in Riverside) (it's better for him and the familial Seeback kitcats this way, as they'd have to cohabitate and Arth would haaate wearing little claw covers, but selfish girl that I am, I want him here purring and chirping with me, I miss him so).

Anyhow, R. and I went over to Orlando yesterday and made fruit salad with said Nordic Princess and Kath-a-leen, had dinner at Ethos with ChristyAnne and Jason (R. had the coconut tempeh wrap and proclaimed it scrumptious and I had the pizza with pesto sauce, artichokes, garlic and roasted red pepper, amazing!) and then drank wine and cider Jason had made, jovially conversating well into the velvety summer night. We ended up crashing there and I woke up extremely early and sat outside drawing and taking pictures, it was a nice start to the fourth of July. Then we had a BBQ and rainy swim with the girls and their friend Reid (Reed?Reid. Reed?) and then headed back to the island.

I'm off to go contemplate the number twenty three (the age that I shall be Friday, it's a number that I honestly dislike, one of those numbers that just rubs me the wrong way, you know? So I'm working on my okay-ness with it, since I have a whole year of it!) and type up my resume as to not be an unemployed (albeit radiantly happy) college graduate. I hope everyone had an enjoyable fourth of July!