Belatedly, From Spring Break

It's Official:

One ticket to Seattle and back from Portland
One ticket to Paris and back from Barcelona
(someone pinch me, this can't be real!)


Saturdays Come and Saturdays Go

I feel like my time here is going by so quickly


"Eating Too Healthy Almost Killed Woman"

RLY? Okay, okay, first off, I know - Aol News? Giggle. But the Aol homepage pops up with my mail and of course I'm going to be intrigued by the backwards title. Which is supported by a backwards logic, as apparently the focus of the article seems to me to be on how vegetarian, vegan and raw foodist diets are so scary! And can, gasp, kill you! Not mental disorders -how odd!
Ill written garbage like this is what causes people to make broad assumptions in regards to healthy and compassionate life style choices. Thinking about food - the source of it, where it comes from - is a positive, not a negative thing. Why didn't this article focus on society's impact on body image? Because that and this woman's mental disorder seem to be glaringly problematic, not the avenue she took to maim herself. Curious, Benjamin Button, go nom on some twinkies, since those probably won't kill you! (Also, be mindful of the fact that if this was reversed and the woman had eaten unhealthily, eaten too much to solve her mental anguish instead of too little, she would be ridiculed in society - dualities!)


There's so much political anger in this country. It scares me.


We Drove and Drove

Through gray and rain, through hills and mountains, through ghettos and bright lights, let's count the cities, the signs - Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville; you whistling, me humming the whole time - "home is where ever I'm with you".

Now, here, I'm packing books and paintings, the shelves are starting to empty. My life will exist at a lower latitute in a month and some change, the future's concreteness is beginning to dawn on me in a dark living room. The cats chase each other through the maze of my things. Their ornery comradery is something that makes me smile (but at the back of my mind I already feel bad for knowing that too shall end [pass?]).

Keep repeating this, self, like a prayer, beads on a rosary: Change change change change change, flux flux flux flux flux, cyclical cyclical cyclical cyclical cyclical cyclical, embark embark embark embark, change flux cyclical embark, be brave.


Alive! With the Glory of..

Duval is getting that humidity back/
Spring Break '10, after eleven o'clock tomorrow/
Two papers to write (sheesh), a roadtrip to enjoy and hopefully some dang sunshine!/
Wowowowowow, life is good, I am happy/
So it goes (life is cyclical)/


"Let's Rage"

First person/third person? Self awareness versus narration? Projection and tangible reality? Thoughts discussed over a Friday lunch at Hovan, in a March that has come like a lion.

Lisa, her hair bunched in a frazzled ponytail, at Waffle House, 2 in the morning, our waitress. Funny, fuzzy-visioned observations: lights that look like moons; a cat outside in the cold air (striped and gray) poking through dowdy shrubs; highways rushing past dotted with ruby bits of tail lights; the perfect circle of a girl's ass, cheeks slightly hanging out, in a stretchy skirt and towering heels; the velvet sky and trees like paper cutouts; a passenger window cold against my forehead. Jacksonville, I love you.


I Should Be Sleeping

But I'm not?

Arthur kitty is sitting in the window, a furred, purring sentinel.

R. is sick today and couldn't get off of work, so no ATL tomorrow. That's okay, we shall conquer the High, vegan soul food, and the land of peaches and peanuts another weekend.

Today I met a woman named Yardley. What a fabulous name.

Nordic Princess just came in and addressed the availability of donuts and fruit cups at this hour of the night, and her subsequent fullness. She makes me laugh, {rauchen}, I am going to miss her so much.

Louise said, nothing has changed! In regards to humanity and the conditions of the Middle Ages, and I said you're right, existence is continuous. She said, it's ridiculous, terrible. Maybe, but just think, I said, only the large looming things are written down, to learn from, not the nuances and subtleties of the good and happy. They go unmentioned, but they happened then as they happen now. Oh, how funny, she said.

Tomorrow I shall be tired, but what do tomorrows matter? My mind is full now. And now, and now and now. Still now. Now is the silliest word, it loses it's meaning after it's uttered or typed or even thought.

That's all.


Monday Monday

Day trip with a darling to see some darlings, happy times three counties down and over. Rebecca Lucille begins her internship at the hospital here in Jacksonville today, this is jovial. Nordic Princess and I will graduate and move out on the same day, we recently discovered, a grand finale I suppose.. this is not jovial. My blonde sister from another mister, we've been connected at the hip since my first day at UNF almost three years ago, through thick and thin, through arguments, through good and bad, through sisterly love. Sigh.