even in blackouts

I was sitting here in my apartment a few minutes ago, the electricity having been out for at least half an hour, and on the phone with my mamacita, said something ending with 'even in blackouts'. Which made me think of being in a new, red (or was it silver?) Volkswagen at the age of fifteen, sliding around the backseat because it was being driven far too fast and hearing said band after an afternoon at the beach. In fact, I'm pretty sure my swimsuit was full of sand. Anyhow, what I'm trying to say is that Arthur's sitting on the new (old) couch Christine and I bought Friday, and that I don't believe in much of anything at all. Especially memory, and foreign cars.


Recent Things

Art Fest 09! In the painting room that I (wo)manned all night. And the fog that's been hanging around recently, so pretty at night.


You Look Different

How do I explain?