Really Bad and Terribly Funny

Our HD digital antenna picks up, among a plethora of church channels and the local news, two channels that play quite the array of movies and television shows. I've recently watched Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and, on Halloween weekend, The Brain that Wouldn't Die with R. (Not to mention Night Rider, hah!) I find myself strangely enjoying the stilted acting and the highly exaggerated gender roles.

In other news, I've been a busy bee training at my new job! It's tough just because the sheer volume of seasonal shoppers, but I really like the company, everyone I've met and all the strange new fruits and vegetables I learn about every day :} What a great feeling, being excited and motivated to go in to work, and having not only all my co workers but customers who are a wealth of knowledge, too!


Saturday Night, Live

+ sniffles and two whole tissue boxes, sheesh
+ twerk! and being plunged back in suddenly, doubly, but happily/gratefully
+ SNL and doing the dishes late with my Love - small pleasures
+ can't wait to get back to practicing yoga (here, perhaps!)
+ vintage book covers = ooh la


A Tuesday, Who Would Have Thought?

Despite my slightly sick-ish sniffles, today ended up being lovely and surprising.

Rudo Prekop/ The Porcupine


Obligatory Cat Post

(1. Glamour shots by Deb, or, Arthur with his eyes made wonky, 2. My two favorite creatures sleeping, 3. A modern interpretation of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', as performed by Arthur)

Recent Disasters

Our house flooded! This is what happens when one's neighbor takes sleeping pills but then wakes up at 4 in the morning to take a bath (but really isn't so awake after all). Yes, that is our fusebox that got wet. Yes, that is water beading off a hallway light with electrical currents running through it.. Joyous! Apartment living at its' finest! Luckily, though, nothing besides a small portion of our wood floors and drywall were damaged.
As if that didn't jolt us out of sleep that week, our bed frame breaking sure did. While R. and I were quite irate at the one hundred and twenty five dollar price tag a furniture repair shop quoted us (bump that, thanks Dad, you rock at fixing everything!), Arthur was in good spirits and happy to shortly have a new toy/scratching post/perch.

Outside Making Stuff

David, Lezzles (Leslie), Chopper and I had a nice afternoon sketching in Memorial Park a few weeks ago. Chopper, having poor hygiene, had an Indian Summer musk about him but we enjoyed his presence nonetheless.

I Think

I am going to learn how to build benches and make two for our kitchen table. I like benches in kitchens. It makes for elbow-ful eating with friends. (This is a good thing)



Chill tonic for the recent chill, if you will

The Most Mundane Dream in the History of the World:

Getting my split ends trimmed.