Coffee As Hair Dye

1. Coffee hair
2. Results
3.) Mabes a smidge?

I haven't dyed my hair in a year and three fourths. (Ought I get a cookie?) Listen. I had hair dye fever from eighteen on - pink, blue, yellow, orange, black, red, strawberry, you name it, I had it. Is this a remnant of my short-lived studded belt wearing phase? My affinity for the anime characters from Sailor Moon? My unintentional fulfilling of every stereotype of what an art student 'ought' to be? Not sure, guys and dolls. Regardless, I fried the holy bajeez out of my hair so that it's taken forever to grow out healthy and even worse, burned my scalp. So, when the hair dye fever set upon me one evening, in lieu of the ammonia, para-phenylenediamine, tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, coal tar, formaldehyde, and eugenol -- made up names for made up things -- I decided to dye my hair with some coffee. Brewed super duper dark. Cooled and rinsed multiple times into my hair in our lovely pink tile bath tub. While it didn't have the heft of those ratty chemicals, it did get a weensy bit browner while managing to bring out the blondey highlights a bit. It almost looks red in photos 2 and 3 which I believe is the result of the light bouncing off said pink tiles.. I plan on doing this once a week and observing the results. I've also switched to self made shampoo, lotion and face scrub, taking out those preservative, chemical laden things bit by small bit. Suck it, cancer givers. I don't wantcha.