And Eleven

Oh dang! A new year! And yours truly saddled with a case of the sickies. Who gets the flu, I mean really? Someone who works at a grocery store, I suppose, that's who. R. is conked out on the couch and Arthur is in such a deep kitty slumber that his furry little tail is hanging straight off the chair he's sleeping on. Besides working practically full time, 2011 has been a year of already new things such as: locking my keys in my car! Seriously, first time ever, pretty funny (not too shabby after 8 years of driving), catching a bouquet at a wedding (R.'s sister chucked that baby straight at me, no doubt rigged ;} thanks for passing the torch though, Megan) and my car beginning to kaputz (the heating and ac has just gone on the fritz, oi). Hope the New Year finds everyone well!