A Quick Jaunt

So, R. and I visited Charleston, South Carolina a bit ago. It was quite pretty, but I can't say it was the best trip we've been on due to a mixed bag of factors (I wasn't feeling well, we didn't plan enough, we had terrible weather about 85% of the trip, etc..). Also, you know how sometimes you just dig the vibe a place emits? We just weren't digging it for some reason. I actually didn't take too many photos because I was an awful grump most the time (sorry R!), but here is a bit from when the rain let up:

Driving home we picked up some blueberry-lavender jam at one of those quaint-kitschy roadside stands. I am on a huge lavender kick right now ( I even recently had a lavender latte at Chamblin's Bookmine here in Jacksonville - SO GOOD). I think that (or eating blackberries we picked growing wild along the beach crossover at Folly Beach) may have been the highlight of the trip :}