Afternoon Giggles

It's Saturday and R. and I are on the island visiting my family - yay! Mama and I made Chocolate Chip Nutella and Sea Salt cookies today - ohmylanta, you should give it a whirl if you've a thing for salty deliciousness.

Being central Florida, it's all sorts of thunder-grumbly, raining and sunshine and rain again. Taking a break from shoving delicious cookie in my gob, I hopped on the interwebs only to literally bust a gut laughing at my college friend Beca's bee story.

The complex she mentioned in her comical tale was my first stop in Jacksonville - a year of hell and god-awful roommates (one disney-obsessed; another an introvert that stole my sub-leaser(@#!) and last but not least, a roommate so pious that she got a tramp stamp for the good Lord, and brought a different boy home every night to boot).