I Should Be Sleeping

But I'm not?

Arthur kitty is sitting in the window, a furred, purring sentinel.

R. is sick today and couldn't get off of work, so no ATL tomorrow. That's okay, we shall conquer the High, vegan soul food, and the land of peaches and peanuts another weekend.

Today I met a woman named Yardley. What a fabulous name.

Nordic Princess just came in and addressed the availability of donuts and fruit cups at this hour of the night, and her subsequent fullness. She makes me laugh, {rauchen}, I am going to miss her so much.

Louise said, nothing has changed! In regards to humanity and the conditions of the Middle Ages, and I said you're right, existence is continuous. She said, it's ridiculous, terrible. Maybe, but just think, I said, only the large looming things are written down, to learn from, not the nuances and subtleties of the good and happy. They go unmentioned, but they happened then as they happen now. Oh, how funny, she said.

Tomorrow I shall be tired, but what do tomorrows matter? My mind is full now. And now, and now and now. Still now. Now is the silliest word, it loses it's meaning after it's uttered or typed or even thought.

That's all.