"Eating Too Healthy Almost Killed Woman"

RLY? Okay, okay, first off, I know - Aol News? Giggle. But the Aol homepage pops up with my mail and of course I'm going to be intrigued by the backwards title. Which is supported by a backwards logic, as apparently the focus of the article seems to me to be on how vegetarian, vegan and raw foodist diets are so scary! And can, gasp, kill you! Not mental disorders -how odd!
Ill written garbage like this is what causes people to make broad assumptions in regards to healthy and compassionate life style choices. Thinking about food - the source of it, where it comes from - is a positive, not a negative thing. Why didn't this article focus on society's impact on body image? Because that and this woman's mental disorder seem to be glaringly problematic, not the avenue she took to maim herself. Curious, Benjamin Button, go nom on some twinkies, since those probably won't kill you! (Also, be mindful of the fact that if this was reversed and the woman had eaten unhealthily, eaten too much to solve her mental anguish instead of too little, she would be ridiculed in society - dualities!)