What Sarah Said

In Aramaic, the word used in the Bible that has been read as 'perfect' really translates to


(There is no glossy, untouchable, pedestalled version of anyone or anything, I know this. We have the here that we create, now.

It's not that my standards are high for friends or lovers or life or humanity at large, because I truly believe that they are not. The potential for happiness, honesty and integrity rests in all of us. It's a matter of effort, and choice. I'm aware that it probably doesn't sound like I am a generally optimistic person from what I type here, but I feel that, through conscious effort, I am.

Either way, I subscribe to the belief that while you can never really control what may befall you in life, you are directly in charge of how you react to the situations and feelings that arise. Just because I am discouraged at large right now, I am not lowering the bar. Bump that. Make an effort. Be sincere. Live how you think you ought to, even if it's ridiculously hard. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Keep your complacency, I'll create some kind of meaning for myself here while I can, before I decompose like a little leaf in the ground.)