A new year? A new year! What does that even mean!?
"Alexander, our older brother, set out for a great adventure"
"If you want something, don't ask for nothing"
"If you want nothing, don't ask for something"
Man-made concepts to define the void. Regardlllllessss..
Lauren says, "this year you should be selfish";
Mama thinks,"this year, you should be less empathetic, more apathetic";
Christine laughs, "your heart is so big, darling, care more for yourself";
but I'm not sure if I can navigate between caring too much and not caring enough?
But I suppose I may as well give it a try? Two thousand and ten, a year for middle ground?

HEY, at least I didn't break any teeth this New Year's, that is a good start (!) BOOYEAH