Good Night News

Nordic Princess called me on the cellular mobile device last night and shared with me the most exciting, fabulous news - that her MRI came back clear (after two years, finally!) and her chemotherapy dosage will start to be lowered (!!). And then she had to get off of the telephone because she was getting pulled over by the police, hah, what a goose. BUT, this is such an amazing thing, it's been a scary, long two years with my blondie between all the ER trips and tests and hospital stays and needles. She is one of the bravest people I know, as well as the kindest (secretly though, she just comes off as a tough cookie, it's her M.O.) and smartest (.. of course she would beat me at cards when I am visiting her a few hours after her noggin surgery, jeez).

Be thankful for your good health, every second of every day that you are well. You never realize how much it defines the normalcy of day to day existence until it's gone.