Hot July

I've developed a post-birthday cold it seems. Twenty three, pfft, you better drop the sass, I won't have any of it. My sorry self was laid up on the couch last night with a box of tissues, and I may or may not have watched four hours of Law and Order Criminal Intent. That much television right before sleep had my head all bonkers with visions of gore and set-ups and detectives in heavy coats (regardless of the season).

As of tomorrow, I'm a step closer to doing something that I've been thinking of for a while, something that's far bigger than my single self, something that will (hopefully, ideally) be sincerely helpful for the city that I love, my Bold New City of the South. No more on that though, I don't want to jinx it or say too much, but fingers and toes crossed, please and thank you!

R. and I are looking at apartments. Once everything is decided upon, we are going to move the furniture I'm inheriting down from Maryland.. yikes, slightly stressed about that, but Great Grandmother Mills' huge, round, hundred year old table and my Nana and Pop-Pop's mid century couch will be amazing to live with, to feel my family history surrounding us. Maybe I'm a romantic or that's too material object-oriented, but I like the notion regardless - it makes the people I never knew concrete, relocates places no longer tangible directly to me.