Neat Stuff From My Grandparent's Basement

My grandparents, the beloved Jean & Harry, are moving into an assisted living facility. These are some things my parents brought back when helping them pack. Photo one are boy scout medals of my Pop-Pop's. Photo two is a voice recording Pop-Pop made when he was in Germany in WW2 and sent to his parents in Jamaica, New York. Photo three is a postcard sent when Pop-Pop was traveling, from the Indy 500. Photo four are a few of the many pennants that were lining the walls of his office in the basement. Photo five is this really fabulous lantern. Six, more medals. Photo seven is a book of 'Skins matches. Photo eight is a projection screen (it came with the projector and loads of slides!). Photo nine is the bottom of a scouting kerchief. Photo ten, paper straws, which actually work just as well as plastic ones (we tried them out, not with milk though, hah!). Photo eleven and twelve are an assortment of rocks and the last photo, number thirteen, is a safe boating slide - my grandparents had a houseboat on the Potomac and were members of a yacht club (La tee da!).