Mouvance/ {Changeability}

I'm typing this on my laptop and after being apart from it for almost two months, it's awfully strange! I left it in Nordic Princess' car the day of graduation, jeez laweez. I brought it back today (sad to only return with a computer and not fur-child, Arthur Dent, who, it has been decided is going to remain living with Ruby and Nordic Princess and Kath-a-leen in Winter Park until R. and I get our apartment in Riverside) (it's better for him and the familial Seeback kitcats this way, as they'd have to cohabitate and Arth would haaate wearing little claw covers, but selfish girl that I am, I want him here purring and chirping with me, I miss him so).

Anyhow, R. and I went over to Orlando yesterday and made fruit salad with said Nordic Princess and Kath-a-leen, had dinner at Ethos with ChristyAnne and Jason (R. had the coconut tempeh wrap and proclaimed it scrumptious and I had the pizza with pesto sauce, artichokes, garlic and roasted red pepper, amazing!) and then drank wine and cider Jason had made, jovially conversating well into the velvety summer night. We ended up crashing there and I woke up extremely early and sat outside drawing and taking pictures, it was a nice start to the fourth of July. Then we had a BBQ and rainy swim with the girls and their friend Reid (Reed?Reid. Reed?) and then headed back to the island.

I'm off to go contemplate the number twenty three (the age that I shall be Friday, it's a number that I honestly dislike, one of those numbers that just rubs me the wrong way, you know? So I'm working on my okay-ness with it, since I have a whole year of it!) and type up my resume as to not be an unemployed (albeit radiantly happy) college graduate. I hope everyone had an enjoyable fourth of July!