Nibbles and Quibbles

I made a fake chicken (ficken?) casserole. 'Twas 'baller', one might say. The patties were from Gardein and I simmered them in white wine, lemon juice, basil and Earth Balance. I found a recipe for b├ęchamel and veganized it (white sauce, sauce blanche, just the fancy pants Frenchie name) and mixed it with parsley, onions and diced fresh garlic over the pasta. Cut up the pieces of ficken, included those in the heavenly mix and put the whole shebang in the oven for half an hour. Serious yum-mage.

However, that was the only recent success. It would be unfair, unrealistic of me to post only kitchen wins. I was making a huge batch of sweet potatoe fries and burnt them all! ALL! Even R., eater of burned things and constant ego-booster could not stomache them (that's saying something, haha). Then I made gazpacho. It was not that it was bad, just boring. Excruciatingly so. I turned it into salsa instead by adding Texas Pete and a boatload of spices. Still, disappointing, since I never got around to finding and imbibing gazpacho while in Spain.

Anyhow, we had fresh/raw DIY burritos last night (because Yours Truly did not feel like doing dishes). I think the avocados were trying to say something :}