Nom Nom

I went to Beaver Street Market with Sarah on Friday. An abundance of fruit and veggies, including a whopping bag of fresh collard greens - ohmylanta, faaabulous. The peaches were (are) juicy, the pears were crisp and ginger root was super fresh. I've been cooking up a storm trying to use all the collards before they go. Ryan wanted veggie burgers for dinner one night, so I baked red and sweet potatoes after they had been tossed in olive oil with parsley, black pepper, sea salt and garlic powder. Pretty fabulous. And we strangely don't have normal condiments yet, so we had malt vinegar with the fries (just like at Ocean City, fave) and spicy chinese mustard and a mushroom-black bean spread I made on the veg patties. The next night I was feeling Southern. Why? I am not sure. Regardless, I used the rest of the sweet potatoes up, baked them soft and covered them with cinnamon, nutmeg, olive oil, Earth Balance, salt and pepper. What's up beta carotene! And then of course I had to do the collards up southern (salty and steamy), topped off with vegan Mac n' Cheese. The bomb dot com. I made this incredibly good (not pictured) ginger tea by boiling the diced and peeled ginger pieces in 5 cups of water for 15 minutes and then adding Agave and cinnamon before I took it off the stove top. I cut up a pear, a peach and an orange and poured the ginger concoction over it in a pitcher. Tonight I'm making Gardein fake chicken patties with white wine, lemon juice and onions on top of angel hair pasta in a veg white sauce made with almond milk. It miiiight be too sweet with the almond milk? Rice milk would probably be better, but we shall see. AND, I'm making this to use up that last bit of greens. I am happy to be putzing around a kitchen again after a summer of not cooking or eating well!