Obligatory Cat Post

Arthur got a bath yesterday. Oh, let me tell you how he loved it! (Clearly joking). I was going to take a photo of him because he looked so indignant and bedraggled, but decided against it. I would be embarrassed if anyone were to do such a thing to me, so I shan't do it to him. But, imagine me sitting in the tub wearing a bathing suit and long sleeved shirt (claws/ow), dousing him with tepid bathwater and apple cider vinegar, very confused as to why I could not find any fleas, flea dirt or eggs when combing him. Baffled! What is biting him?

Once he dried off, he was lovey dovey and quite sassy - I was expecting the silent treatment all day, what a nice surprise :} I especially like the second photo from the top, where he's caught mid goofy chirp. What a boo boo.