Welcome to the Jungle

Just as I predicted in a Madame Ruby-esque way, A-Town Stay Down, Furriest Maximus, dancing cat extraordinaire has bites all about his lithe little frame. He's been scratching up a storm, poor fella. After a bout of internet searching last night, I rubbed some extra virgin coconut oil on his bites and his fur to temporarily quell the itching and repel jumping critters. I even took his dapper green collar off to make him more comfortable. Homeboy is maaaaad! Apparently, he likes his collar for aesthetic reasons and his insatiable grooming is not OCD like it was once believed, merely vanity.

The coconut oil decision may have been a bit rash (much like my fanny pack wearing on this morning's jog - what?? - am I thirty seven? - do keys jangling in my shorts really bother me so much that I stoop to wearing a fanny pack? - are my hands really that much freer and swing-able without holding my ipod? really?) but has seemed to help this skin (not his fur though, he looks like the Fonz).

It doesn't seem to be fleas, however, (no flat, flaky bites or flea dirt that would definitely be visible on his super fine, white fur) and I'm baffled - Mosquitoes? Spiders? Cockroaches? Ticks? Ants? Regardless - Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is what I'm headed for next. Fingers crossed? (That I don't lose an eye trying to bathe my ornery, itchy cat? That said ornery, itchy cat doesn't get sick from ingesting whatever nibbles him and need a vet visit in the midst of his Momma's joblessness and Poppa's wait for student loans to arrive?)