Bist Du Satt? Nie!

Last night was full of unplanned, spontaneous prosey burrito goodness. Yeah. This totally could have been served haphazardly from a street cart in Tristessa, or, on a more vanilla level, as R. said, "mmm, Burrito Gallery-esque".

Coconut Rice and Beans:
- splash of olive oil
- diced onion
- two cloves of garlic
- can of chickpeas
- can of Red Beans
- however much rice you like (I like a lot, and I used brown, it's vaguely crunchier)
- salsa, a scoop or two (mild generic whatever for me)
- half a can of Coconut Milk
- pepper
-garlic salt
- and, what I feel made it -- a dash or three of Lizano's Sauce that Rebecca Lucille brought me back from Costa Rica. However, they use it at this fab taco place in Brevard, Da Kine Diego's, so I'm sure it's available somewhere stateside.. but whatever you have on hand would probably be fine (maybe tabasco sauce, or sriracha ?)

Simmer garlic and onion in the olive oil for a few minutes until you can smell them. Add the salsa and stir so it's all together in a heap of mushy goodness. Toss in the chickpeas and red beans. You can add the salt and pepper here, so the beans pick it up and aren't as bland. Let it get warm so the beans get heated through, but not so hot that they starts to stick. Drizzle in the coconut milk to get a creamy, saucey consistancy - pourable, but not too thin. Put the Lizano in last and after a good stirring, let simmer at a low temp. I kept at one or two heat until the rest of dinz was ready.

Then I fried some tofu in olive oil with curry powder (kinda bland, didn't let it marinade like I usually do, blerg), tossed a quick avacado, fresh tomatoes and salsa to make guacamole, cut up some greens, tomatos and onions and voila. The coconut rice was for sure the star of the show though, low-keyly coconutty and flavorful. Wrap everything up in a soft burrito wrap (hard taco shells strike fear in my fake front-toothed heart!) and et voila.