Sleepy Thursday

Daisy-kitty is awfully glad that we have returned and has graced me with her presence all day. We've been listening to Big Band music and putzing around my room all day (more so me doing the putzing, she's been napping quite contentedly on the bed as it drizzled off and on). Some photographs of things I brought back, as I only brought my film camera up there and have no pictures yet - they're sitting quietly in lighttight canisters in a bag in the fridge, waiting to be doused with chemicals! Also, the top photo, the color strips? I picked out paint for the apartment, as our landlord is going to have it painted for us (awesome?). 'Cloudy Morning' for our bedroom, 'Clean Citrus' for a wall in the kitchen, and the living room is going to be 'Milky Jade', this lovely pale blue-green-gray.