Presentation, Darlings

So, I'm not thaaat ga-ga over Anthropologie because A) I think they're overpriced, B) one can find literally the exact same objects and articles they sell through a much more environmentally friendly way of shopping, thrifting, and C) I think a lot of it's too foofoo and frilly (I like a bit more structure in clothing, personally), BUT I do look at their website quite often because of their magnificent styling and presentation. HOLY GUACAMOLE. How. Stinking. Cool. Can I do that as a job or something? Jeez! More like 'Modern I Loves it'.

(PS -- Christy Annabelle, this shirt totally screams you, no? I'm def finding you one similar at the best Goodwill in the world, off Beach Boulevard)

(PPS -- My Brother's Keeper Thrift Store. Google it. Go. Find. Love. Yes, I'm talking about you, yellow floral chair I was sexy eyein' from a distance. If my living room weren't blue and gray and green, I woulda' been all about you like Anna Nicole and a jar of pickles)