Schwarz Hund

So, I've been jogging since I moved back to Jax. Not in a "Oh Gah, I stopped living vegan and feel terribly unhealthy, I should probably exercise" kind of way, but in a "I actually really hate running, but am absolutely fascinated that a place like this exists in the state of Florida and that there are interesting people doing foreign-to-me things this early in the day and boy, do I like these fab houses with their leaded windows, gingerbread trim and friendly outside cats EVERYWHERE!" way. Well, this morning, a surprise dog jumped off a surprise porch as I ran by, scaring me, which lead to a great commotion and yours truly tripping on a palm frond and landing squarely on my tuckus.

Interestingly enough, this frightened the dog as much as it alarmed me. Now, I can't read dogs like I read cats. Despite it being years ago that damn little gremlin-creature-canine 'Boo-Boo' (how innocent sounding, don't be deceived!) bloodily chomped my knee, a bit of distrust has lingered. Despite the good natured smiling look this dog had about him, I made a ruckus which he scampered from and then I hightailed it around the corner, all the while looking for trees to climb up should I need to ditch the pooch.

So this is what prompted my jogging the other way from this dog, towards Sarah and Olivier's house, where I, in a bout of good timing, caught Sarah on a walk with Vivi (sweet, non-jumpy pup that she is). We walked to Boone Park and back, catching up. And then by the time we had gotten back, Emma had woken up and we all had a breakfast of granola that Sarah had made, and apples. It was nice! Anyhow, this is a peculiar post because I had something else in mind, but apparently this was more important to type. I think it all just ties back to me trying to win people over to 'Team Cat', haha.