This Is A Post About Cockroach Legs

(Three seperate entries tonight, I feel I had to distance this from the food imagery for those with weak constitutions)
Arthur left me a little gift this morning. I blushed rosily at first with dismay, but then.. a strange sort of formal enchantment settled upon me. I am fascinated by the shape of cockroach legs, as well as impressed with the ability of my feline friend to consume the body while leaving said legs wholly intact. Stark, suggestively informative as an Ellsworth Kelly drawing yet guttural, a la Franz Kline. These would be beautiful form-wise recreated in gold, a little pendant on a dainty necklace or charm bracelet. Gross? Lose any/all preconcieved notions about who's scuttling torso it ordinarily supports and the concept of beauty; the form is still strong, yes?